Thursday Night Workshops Year-round! Writing Towards the Edge

WRITING AT GRAFTON STREET / Thursday Nights / 7:00-9:30pm / $40℘(sliding scale)

50 Grafton Street /Arlington MA 02474 / on-street parking / Bus # 77 from Harvard Square stops 1 ½ blocks away

Here’s What Happens:

Free writing to discover themes and vivid points with which to:

  • Start something new / push deeper into existing work / discover a nuanced aspect of character / experiment with a different voice or narrator or time period / push through blocks / make use of the energy and support of the group to write something brazen, difficult or strange.
  • Longer stretches of writing to work more deeply with whatever came up in Free Writing or whatever it is you want to move more deeply towards.
  • Reading that writing and getting thoughtful responses.


Join us for Thursday night writing fiction and autobiography at Grafton Street. Many of us have been writing for years on Thursday nights with breaks for children, milestones, and more.  There are always new people and returning people who add to the energy.  We write for longer periods than in other Grafton Street programs (aside form TRUMBO days) and our reading of our work is met with helpful criticism.

Subject matter: 

We write about love and war and accidents and food and early childhood and rediscovering parents and travel and losses and children and places and people and discoveries plus personal essays and key issues and whatever else needs to come tumbling out that also needs to be shaped and communicated and perhaps published.

We usually have snacks and a bottle of wine to further ease us into the evening’s writing.

You are welcome to come and try it out!

We writers are like runners:

Runners line up knowing Heartbreak Hill is coming. We know it and we do it anyway.  A friend says it is like tasting the blood of the chicken, once you do it, you can’t not do it again.  We know the energy that comes from making it up and over that hill and we will do it over and over again.  We are drawn to the hill because it demands things of us. We have to write it (whatever the “it” is) but it’s easier doing so with a pack or others at work making their up the hill.

What’s the story you need to write?  What is the “it” that you need to write? Are you poised at the base of its hill?  Join us!


What happens in the dark?  What happens when you turn out the lights?  Do you hear sounds you normally don’t?  Do you wake at 3 with your head full of Dada and jazz?  When you turn on the light, what do you see? Is it a stranger?  Is it real? Is it you?

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