Consulting Services For Individuals and Organizations

Your story revealed and the imagination powering it

Your story revealed and the imagination powering it

If you want more….
I’m glad to consult with you on projects, set up writing circles with your friends and co-workers, speak to your group, train you in the techniques and uses embedded in this site, and talk with you about your own adventures in creativity, work and life direction.

Work I do with others include:

    1. Run career, writing and creativity workshops for corporations, religious organizations,   retreat centers and non-profits.
    2. Tailor travel and journal writing programs for affinity groups
    3. Consult with people on their autobiographies and other longterm writing projects including novels, dissertations and professional projects
    4. Consult/ edit manuscripts for publication online or hard copy
    5. Work with clients on writing content for their websites and on branding issues
    6. Provide support and resources for individuals exploring the next stage in their lives
    7. Provide critiques on portfolios and other visual projects
    8. Use the journal as a process for self-discovery and career design 


Contact me, Kendall, at: kendalldudley2@icloud.comor 781.640.9957 to find out more.

2 Responses to Consulting Services For Individuals and Organizations

  1. Elaine Shea says:

    Hi Kendall,
    I am writing a memoir of my husband’s dying days. I want to write this primarily for my family, as the choices he made in his dying process were truly a gift to all of us. I have about fifteen pages written. I need someone to guide me and prod me along with my writing. I’d like to speak to you about your consulting/editing services. Please call me at 781-648-8322.
    many thanks.

    • kendalld says:

      Elaine–Thank you so much for your note on August 20. I am sorry your husband died but it sounds like he left much that was good. I would be glad to talk with you about your writing project. Your already having written 15 pages (and perhaps more by now) is a good sign that this is an important project for you. We and others live on in part through our writing and that writing that others do on our behalf. please call me at 781.640.9957 or email me at With best wishes, Kendall

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