Create Your Own Vivid Life/Work Journal

Even if you’re too wet or dry to blink or think, tuck in and write. Write something every day; write to discover what to write; don’t make assumptions as to what you have to write about or for whom; be open to discovering new sacred cows and making hamburger of earlier onesRoad Journal; look for habits of mind and behavior to break; be open to walking through doors with strange names on them; if at times you can’t write, throw paint, smash dishes, tear up the newspaper: see what stares out at you!

  1. Write for 5 minutes at a regular time each day. To help, use prompts that you will find on this site as well as ones you create.  Once done, illustrate some aspect of what you just wrote.
  2. Draw your family tree: pluck off a leaf from the family tree and write about it for 15 minutes. If you catch fire, go on. If not, pluck someone else.  Go for the jugular; give yourself freedom to invent. You may not get the factual truth of that person, but you may get some emotional truth and energy.IMG_7717
  3. Vary the locations in which you write and journal: try the bath, front steps, treelimbs, bus, upsidedown, hood of your car, in the ocean. What if you saw your writing as a sacred duty to be done in some form each day.  Would you write more or less?
  4. Make a timeline of your life and work. If you get stuck, make up info to get you started. Give yourself a beard or startling past. Write where the heat is.
  5. In a list of 25 life-shaping events, write about  #9, # 14 and # 17. Doodle images of them with bright colors—add feathers or jimmies.  Go deeper down the list and surprise yourself with a low-lyer.  Doodle a scene from that event, then write about it. Add new events to the list as you discover them.IMG_7719
  6. If your life and work to date were an omelet, what new ingredients would you want to add? Which ones would you take out? Which would you want more of?  Draw and write about your choices
  7. Reprocess your life sausage. 1) Name then write about a  complex life event. 2) Then change the ingredients and give it a more positive spin. 3) Consider how your future might have been effected by that altered outcome. 4) What life enhancing dreams, talents and opportunities are suggested to you by looking through that altered lens? 5) Create a picture of what you see.
  8. Beckon the future by naming the chapters that lie ahead for you to live. Put yourself in the midst of one of the chapters and start paddling with pen and imagination. What is the work that naturally flows from your discoveries?. 

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