Morocco and Beyond!

“Journaling in the internal and external worlds”


Marrakech the place of amulet makers, fortune tellers and acrobats

Travel Journal

Picture the future and write about it

With journals, cameras and art supplies, 9 of us traveled to Morocco for 12 days to see what we could learn about our own inner journey by exploring our responses to the external world. By choosing a place that was unfamiliar yet safe, fabled and a little unpredictable, what was it that we would learn about our emerging changes, attitudes, tastes and talents that could be applied to the chapters remaining to us?

That process is yet unfolding as I redesign the travel component of my work to focus on the concept of Writing for One Week in Istanbul / 2016 and Writing For a Week in Southern France Sept / Oct 2016. Please see the page bar for a full description.  Stay tuned. Email me at:

About kendalld

Bio for Kendall Dudley Kendall Dudley, MA, is a Career and Life Design consultant who works with individuals and organizations, teaches art and autobiography, and leads self-discovery journaling trips to Morocco. He presents at major conferences on career and life direction, runs grants-funded public art and writing projects, has taught at Tufts and Lesley Universities, and was career consultant at Harvard for 15 years. His current travel essays appear in books and journals; he’s appeared on TV and radio; and his novel, Speedway / A Racy, Comic Novel About Grief will be out in 2015. He has traveled to 36 countries, lived in 5, and launched his real life while a Peace Corps city planner in Iran! He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Columbia University (MA) and pursues life-long interests in Islamic architecture, art, and adult development. A lifetime ambition: to design and take a group of travelers to Iran! Projects On The Front Burners: ARLINTON WRITES! 2014 / A town-wide journal writing project funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council YOUR ILLUSTRATED LIFE STORY / a 6 week project that invites people to draw, paint and write their life story; sponsored by Emerson Umbrella Center For the Arts, Concord MA WRITING FOR A WEEK: ISTANBUL / 2015 is a new project built around a writing workshop in the old city of Istanbul with excursions out into the old and new city each day. CURRENT WRITING PROJECTS: • Publishing “SPEEDWAY / A Racy, Comic Novel About Grief” that draws on Kendall’s travels through Tucson, Mothers, Marriage and Mayhem! • Writing and Distributing ADVENTURE TRAVELING IN YOUR OWN LIFE STORY: A A Journal Approach to Discovering Meaning and Direction in Life!
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  1. kendalld says:

    Hello Patty–Thank you for posting to As you can see from the toolbar, I am planning a trip this year to Istanbul and or other sites depending on events in Turkey and travelers interests in other sites. Please check back and let me know what might interest you. You can call me at 781.640.9957 too. All the best, Kendall

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