Week #1 Assignment

Here are this week’s words and exercise!

Week #1: 5 Words

Subway / Mystery / Hot / Bounce / Brazil

Use these words to help start your writing. Use one a day or all of them at once. Recycle them and vary their order. Make up your own lists to help anchor your writing. Think of them as islands that you have to get to by using whatever rickety improv word-bridges you find along the way.  Try using them in the following exercise:

Week #1: Exercise /Free Writing : Free write for 6 minutes a day 3 x a week

Free writing is one of those basic tools for writing anything.  It gets the juices flowing, surprises us about what’s happening beneath the waves, and brings energy to whatever writing project you have before you. Here is one of the many versions of Free Writing,others will be explored in later posts:

(Can you spot the 5 words for the week embedded in the following writing!! )

orange at work

Write for 6 minutes 3 days a week to shake out the doubts blues confusion and to find energy for writing and remembering but don’t worry about structure or run-on sentences or creating nonsense because this writing is designed to awaken ideas and shine light through the wandering unimpeded nature of its rhythm being only guided by the 5 words and others you create at the beginning of your 6 minutes that allow you to enter the unter-terrain of your memory and ride the subway to the known and mystery stops along the way not worrying whether they’re hot listless or cold only that you were willing to keep going and bouncing even if you’ve landed in Brazil while believing this process is useful in some fractured indirect way.

Once done with your 6 minutes: look over your writing and underline any phrases that call to you.  You’re looking for what may be seeds for immediate and future writing, however disguised these writing seeds may be.

Seeds for me are: hot listless / mystery stops / unter-terrain of memory

About kendalld

Bio for Kendall Dudley Kendall Dudley, MA, is a Career and Life Design consultant who works with individuals and organizations, teaches art and autobiography, and leads self-discovery journaling trips to Morocco. He presents at major conferences on career and life direction, runs grants-funded public art and writing projects, has taught at Tufts and Lesley Universities, and was career consultant at Harvard for 15 years. His current travel essays appear in books and journals; he’s appeared on TV and radio; and his novel, Speedway / A Racy, Comic Novel About Grief will be out in 2015. He has traveled to 36 countries, lived in 5, and launched his real life while a Peace Corps city planner in Iran! He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Columbia University (MA) and pursues life-long interests in Islamic architecture, art, and adult development. A lifetime ambition: to design and take a group of travelers to Iran! Projects On The Front Burners: ARLINTON WRITES! 2014 / A town-wide journal writing project funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council YOUR ILLUSTRATED LIFE STORY / a 6 week project that invites people to draw, paint and write their life story; sponsored by Emerson Umbrella Center For the Arts, Concord MA WRITING FOR A WEEK: ISTANBUL / 2015 is a new project built around a writing workshop in the old city of Istanbul with excursions out into the old and new city each day. CURRENT WRITING PROJECTS: • Publishing “SPEEDWAY / A Racy, Comic Novel About Grief” that draws on Kendall’s travels through Tucson, Mothers, Marriage and Mayhem! • Writing and Distributing ADVENTURE TRAVELING IN YOUR OWN LIFE STORY: A A Journal Approach to Discovering Meaning and Direction in Life!
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